How does the laser marking machine print colorful patterns and text on stainless steel?

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Laser marking machines have been widely used in various industries. In daily marking products, the colors of the marking patterns we see are mostly black, white, and gray. Only stainless steel can make color markings, and a fiber laser must be used to make color markings on stainless steel. So, how does the laser marking machine mark the color patterns and text on the stainless steel? Let’s share with you Leapion Laser below.

How to make color marks on stainless steel?

The principle of color development of stainless steel has three color development methods: one is to generate colored oxides; the other is to generate a very thin colorless transparent oxide film on the surface of stainless steel under the action of chemistry, electrochemistry or laser, and the oxide film interferes Effect, the color can be displayed on the surface; third, there is a mixed state of colored oxide and oxide film at the same time.


Corresponding relationship between color change and laser energy in stainless steel laser color marking, laser heating effect produced by stainless steel watch under the action of laser. Through the laser thermal effect, it is concluded that the laser energy fluorescence density is proportional to the film thickness. As the laser energy increases, the color of the stainless steel surface changes in the following color sequence: orange-red-purple-blue-green-blue-blue-green-green-yellow-green-yellow-clear-red.

What patterns and words can be marked on other metal materials?

Metal materials are divided into pig iron, cast iron, aluminum materials, copper materials, stainless steel (304 stainless steel, etc.), magnesium, titanium, tin, lead and other metal materials.


The color of metal laser marking mainly depends on the nature of the material, and secondly depends on the power of the laser (that is, the power, the speed, the width of the spacing, and the frequency). Of course, there is not much difference on the metal surface, and the spraying is not much worse, mostly dark or lighter. The principle of the laser marking machine is to instantly vaporize the surface of the material through the high temperature generated by the laser focusing, and generally the color of the material itself is marked. Of course, different materials will change different colors.

1. Colorless pattern text:

Use an ordinary laser marking machine to mark on ordinary iron materials, and the printed fonts are colorless, and the pattern text is printed by knocking out the surface part of the iron product.

2. Type black font:

Black fonts are usually called alumina black. Ordinary fiber laser marking machines can also print black on stainless steel materials. This can be achieved by adjusting the marking power and frequency.

The laser marking machine prints text and patterns, which are clear and beautiful, durable and wear-resistant, and the marking speed is fast. With the application of fiber lasers in laser marking machines, color marking can be realized. For more professional questions about fiber laser marking machine, please contact Leapion Laser.